Do You Need To Book For Amaz Lima?

Amaz was the final meal of our gastronomic tour in Peru, and we had been looking very forward to the meal. In short, the food was quite good and unique, but the service ruined our experience unfortunately.

Is Lima safe for backpacking?

As always be safe and always wear a helmet! When you’re backpacking in South America, you have a lot of beautiful countries bordering each other and a lot of options for onwards travel between. Lima is home to a major international airport if you are looking to fly to another destination in South America or beyond.

Do you need a guide when backpacking the Amazon?

Whilst backpacking the Amazon of Peru, you will require a guide at times. The jungle is one fierce place to be lost or sick, so if you plan to come here be prepared to pay a bit for the pleasure. Make sure you take a local guide, not some hack from Lima who is only interested in the jungle because you want to pay him.

Is it cheaper to travel Peru as a broke backpacker?

Many broke backpackers concerned with the trip cost in Peru prefer to do this since it’s much cheaper than leaving the country and returning. Peru has been heavily impacted by COVID-19 and the nation is struggling to deal with the matter.

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How far in advance should I arrive in Peru?

We recommend arriving 3 hours ahead of your departure time for all international flights departing Peru and 2 hours ahead of time for domestic flights in Peru. In estimating your departure time from your hotel, take into consideration traffic in Lima.

How much time to spend at Lima Airport Duty Free?

All in all, you will likely have about 30-60 minutes to explore the duty free area and other airport services before you need to be at your gate. Lima is a launching point to many wonderful destinations in Peru and across South America.

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