Is Lima The Greatest Asparagus Exporter?

Camposol is a privately owned, agricultural company with offices in the Netherlands, the USA and its head office in Lima, Peru. It is the biggest producer and exporter of asparagus in the world and soon to be the biggest producer of avocados.
China takes the spot for the number 1 asparagus producing country in the world. It produces 7.35 million metric tons of asparagus every year. Of this, the country reports exporting only 4,553 metric tons. Some experts believe this production number is inflated given that the country only cultivated around 292,000 metric tons in 2014.

Who is the largest exporter of asparagus?

Export Trends of Top 10 Exporters of Fresh Asparagus

Country Export %
1 Global
2 Mexico 34%
3 Peru 33.74%

What is Peru’s greatest export?

Peru’s main exports are copper, gold, zinc, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufactures, machinery, services and fish meal. The country’s major trade partners are the United States, China, Brazil, the European Union and Chile.

What crop is Peru the world’s largest exporter?

In 2019, fresh fruits were the leading agricultural product exported from Peru. That year, grapes topped the ranking, with an export value of 875 million U.S. dollars.

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What vegetable is the largest export from Peru?

And Peru, just like Chile, exports a lot of avocados. The United States is, by far, both Chile and Peru’s most important sales market. In 2020, this country took 30% of Chile’s fruit and vegetable exports. And 36% of Peru’s.

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Where do we import asparagus from?

Approximately 502.4 million pounds of fresh asparagus was imported in 2017, mostly from Mexico, Peru and Chile. The value of the 2020 utilized U.S. commercial asparagus crop was approximately $85.2 million.

What are the top 5 exports of Peru?

Exports The top exports of Peru are Copper Ore ($9.23B), Gold ($6.46B), Refined Copper ($1.8B), Petroleum Gas ($1.41B), and Animal Meal and Pellets ($1.19B), exporting mostly to China ($11.3B), United States ($6.36B), South Korea ($2.71B), Canada ($2.42B), and Japan ($1.91B).

What food is Peru known for?

Top 10: Things to Eat in Peru

  • Ceviche. The icy Humboldt Current that flows through the Pacific Ocean just off Peru’s coast supports one of the world’s most bountiful sources of seafood.
  • Cuy. There’s no way to sugarcoat it.
  • Causa.
  • Lomo Saltado.
  • Aji de Gallina.
  • Anticuchos.
  • Rocoto Relleno.
  • Alpaca.
  • What are 3 products of Peru?

    These are the main products that Peru exports

  • Grapes: Peru’s leading non-traditional export.
  • Paltas (avocado): Peru is the world’s third leading exporter of fresh avocados.
  • Mango: This is number four in the ranking of Peru’s agricultural exports.
  • Coffee:
  • Asparagus:
  • Quinoa:
  • What foods does Peru export?

    Important export products include fishmeal, sugar, coffee and cotton. Peru imports large amounts of food products, notably wheat, soy, maize and other basic foodstuffs.

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    Does Peru import or export potatoes?

    Peru produced 5,300,000 tons of potatoes in 2019, i.e. 3.92% more than the 5,100,000 tons it produced in 2018, according to the president of the consulting firm Inform@cción, Fernando Cilloniz Benavides.

    What is the capital of Peru and its largest city?

    Lima, city, capital of Peru. It is the country’s commercial and industrial centre. Central Lima is located at an elevation of 512 feet (156 metres) on the south bank of the Rímac River, about 8 miles (13 km) inland from the Pacific Ocean port of Callao, and has an area of 27 square miles (70 square km).

    What fruits does Peru export?

    Peru’s 3 major fruit exports are avocados, table grapes, and blueberries. Peru is a major exporter of blueberries, which are consumed fresh and frozen and used as a food ingredient.

    What vegetables does Chile export?

    Increasing Exports of Fruits and Vegetables

    Chile is the leading exporter of fresh blueberries, grapes, plums, dried apples, and prunes. It is also the second-largest exporter of avocados, cherries, walnuts, and raspberries. Grape is the leading fruit, followed by apples and blueberries.

    What products does Peru export?

    The items that are majorly exported from Peru include ores, gems, copper, food industry waste, animal fodder, coffee, crotchet clothing/accessories, molybdenum, silver, crude petroleum, natural gas, asparagus, fruits (mangoes, avocados, bananas, citrus fruits), textiles, fishmeal, fabricated metal products, and alloys.

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