How To Get To Pozuzo Peru From Lima?

There is no direct connection from Lima to Pozuzo. However, you can take the taxi to Lima airport, fly to Huanuco, then take the drive to Pozuzo. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Lima airport, fly to Tingo Maria, then take the taxi to Pozuzo.

How do I get to Pozuzo?

Pozuzo is at an altitude of 800 meters (2,625 feet) above sea level. From Lima you must drive or take a 10-hour bus ride to Oxapampa, another town founded by the descendants of the first German and Austrian settlers. From there, you must take a bus through an unpaved road for about 77 km (48 miles) until you arrive at Pozuzo.

What is pozuzofest in Peru?

Every year, hundreds of Peruvians and Germans living in Peru, escape Lima and travel to Pozuzo and nearby communities for their unique festivities. The calendar of activities for German colony would not be complete without its highly anticipated Oktoberfest – except here it’s called Pozuzofest.

What is it like to live in the town of Pozuzo?

Pozuzo is home to around 8,000 people, many of them descendants of the first German and Austrian settlers. The town is know for its welcoming, environmentally friendly and self-sustainable community. Locals tend to work in the cattle farming, agriculture and experiential and ecological tourism industries.

What is the history of Pozuzo?

Pozuzo is a town located in Peru ‘s central jungle zone, known to be the first German and Austrian settlement in the country. Today its residents, many of whom descend from the first settlers, still preserve their European roots with traditions from their forefathers.

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