How To Get To Colca Canyon From Lima?

There is no direct connection from Lima to Colca Canyon. However, you can take the taxi to Lima airport, fly to Arequipa, then take the taxi to Colca Canyon. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Arequipa, take the bus to Orcopampa, then take the taxi to Colca Canyon.

How to get to the Colca Canyon?

How to get to the Colca Canyon: The Colca Canyon is located about 4 hours outside of the city of Arequipa. The best way to get there is to take a tour or trek which includes transportation to and from Arequipa. If you are looking for information on the best buses to take to Arequipa, visit our passes page.

Does Peru hop operate tours to the Colca Canyon?

Peru Hop does not operate any tours to the Colca Canyon. To see Peru Hop’s recommended operators, check out our tips for the Full Day Tour, 2 Day Tour, 2 Day Trek, and 3 Day Trek. If you are looking for more information about Colca Canyon Tours & Treks, visit where you can compare itineraries, operators and prices.

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How many days do you need in Arequipa and Colca Canyon?

One day in Arequipa itself is required to acclimatize if you go for the trek option. not included in price. Peru Hop does not operate any tours to the Colca Canyon. To see Peru Hop’s recommended operators, check out our tips for the Full Day Tour, 2 Day Tour, 2 Day Trek, and 3 Day Trek.

Where are the best places to see the Condors in Peru?

The various Colca Canyon hike start points, and the best condor spotting viewpoints, are all located in and around the town of Cabanaconde. It’s around 130 miles / 210 kms from Arequipa, along some quite stunning Peruvian landscapes

How do you get to Colca Canyon Peru?


The easiest way to get to Colca Canyon independently is to take a bus from Arequipa to Cabanaconde – the bus frequently leaves almost every two hours, and the ride takes five hours.

Is it worth going to Colca Canyon?

The canyon is beautiful and it’s very dramatic to see the towering volcanoes surrounding it and the soaring condors. The drive from Arequipa is also beautiful. We did the three day trip in the canyon, which is definitely worth it. It gives you a bit more time to explore the area, without being too exhausting.

How much does it cost to visit the Colca Canyon?

It is almost 100% that you will see Condors on a Colca Canyon tours. These tours are planned around visiting a famous Condor viewpoint where the Condors visit at the same time every day. Is there an entrance fee to the Colca Canyon? Yes, it costs 70 soles to visit the Colca Canyon.

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Can you stay in the Colca Canyon?

Colca Canyon has many accommodation options. If you want to go hiking or trekking, Cabanaconde will be the best choice in my point of view. There are many accommodations in the village, though.

Can you do Colca Canyon in one day?

Visiting the Colca Canyon can be done in a few different ways, but the most common are: A one-day tour from Arequipa (like this one) A two-day, one-night independent trek, guided trek, or guided tour. A three-day, two-night independent trek or guided trek tour (like this one)

Is Colca Canyon deeper than Grand Canyon?

Slicing through the High Andes like a giant fissure for more than 100km, Colca is the world’s second deepest canyon, approximately 3,400m at its deepest point — a shade shallower that the nearby Cotahuasi Canyon and nearly twice as deep as the US’ Grand Canyon.

Is Colca Canyon cold?

Colca Canyon is a cold place. Bring warm clothing regardless of the trip or trek that you plan there.

How long is the Colca Canyon hike?

Experience this 6.80 mile, out and back trail near Cabanaconde, Arequipa. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 5 h 6 min to complete.

What is the altitude of Colca Canyon?

The Colca Canyon is a canyon of the Colca River in southern Peru, located about 160 kilometres (99 mi) northwest of Arequipa. With a depth of about 1000 – 2000 m (3300 – 6600 ft) (whereas bottom is at cca 2000 m and edges are at 3000 – 4000 metres above the sea level), it is one of the deepest canyons in the world.

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Is Cusco in the Sacred Valley?

It is located in the present-day Peruvian region of Cusco. In colonial documents it was referred to as the ‘Valley of Yucay.’ The Sacred Valley was incorporated slowly into the incipient Inca Empire during the period from 1000 to 1400 CE. The Sacred Valley is a major tourist destination.

What is the deepest canyon in the world?

The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon in Tibet, a region of southwestern China, was formed over millions of years by the Yarlung Zangbo River. This canyon is the deepest in the world—at some points extending more than 5,300 meters (17,490 feet) from top to bottom.

How many nights do you need for Arequipa?

We recommend staying around 2-3 days in Arequipa. If you want to do hiking trips in the surrounding area, you might want to stay longer though.

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