How To Get From Lima To Cerro Azul?

There is no direct connection from Lima to Cerro Azúl. However, you can take the bus to Tomas Valle, take the walk to Lima, take the bus to Chincha Alta, then take the taxi to Cerro Azúl. Alternatively, you can take the bus to Chincha Alta then take the taxi to Cerro Azúl.

Where is Cerro Azul located in Peru?

(2005 census) Cerro Azul (‘Blue Hill’) is a fishing village and formerly a commercial port in the Cañete Province, Lima Region, Peru. Located 131 km south of Lima, it is frequently visited in the summer by its residents, and those of San Vicente de Cañete.

Is it possible to surf at Cerro Azul?

It is possible to surf here too, when the swell is high, particularly adjacent to the pier, where the waves are fast and the rides tend to be short.. Cerro Azul’s main feature is the pier which was built by a British company around 1900 for the export of locally grown cotton.

Where can I Surf in Peru near Lima?

Cerro Azul Two-and-a-half hours from Lima lies one of the best surf spots in the south of Peru, along with one of its best beaches. It might be best known for its big wave surfing, but this beach is a hot spot for weekend getaways. The raw and rugged beauty of Paracas is unrivaled.

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What was the purpose of the Fortaleza de Cerro Azul?

The town was subdued by the Inca Pachacutec who ordered to build a stone fortress (Fortaleza de Cerro Azul), with steps down to the sea in honor of his victory and a symbol of his absolute power. This fort was as grand and magnificent as the Sacsayhuaman fortress according to Cieza and some historians.

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