How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Hummer Limo?

How much is the cheapest limo? Expect to pay $100 and $250 per hour, while a stretch Hummer could cost $150 and $300. A 6-8 passenger limousine averages $85 to $125 an hour. Larger limos for 10-16 guests can run $95 to $250 an hour.

How much does it cost to rent a limousine?

Stretch limousines, which can hold up to 14 passengers, can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. Limousines that hold 20 to 30 people, such as an extended Hummer limo, can cost as much as $400 per hour. Most limousine companies have packages for weddings or proms that range from $400 to $1000 for the entire evening.

Is it worth it to buy a Hummer limo?

However, if you plan to start a Hummer Limo rental service, then the investment is worth it. The average price for a new Hummer limousine is $165,000 – $220,000.

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What is the most common reason to rent a limo?

Occasions, such as weddings or proms, are the most common reason for a limousine rental, but a limo can be rented for many different reasons – even something simple like a ride to the airport. How much does it cost to rent a limo? Most limousine rental services charge between $65 and $125 per hour for a standard eight-passenger limousine.

What are the features of a Hummer limo?

Most Hummer Limos are the same, especially in size and other specifications, however, some come with added features such as fiber optic lighting, casino tables, dance floors, and refrigerated drinks bar. These added privileges attract a premium price. But some companies allow customers to select what services they want to pay for.

How many seats does a limo Hummer have?

The Hummer Limo is the perfect Limousine for weddings, Birthdays, Quinceaneras, Proms and any other even you can think of. This limo seats up to 22 passengers and is loaded with options.

What is the difference between a Hummer and a limo?

The stretch limo is considered to be a classy vehicle. It is, therefore, customarily used to carry people to gatherings or events, which may not necessarily be a party. The Hummer limousine, on the other hand, is mostly used in taking people to a bachelor party, disco or even a birthday party.

How many can fit in a limo?

Most limos seat 8 to 18 people, so if you choose a standard limo size, you can expect to accommodate this many people comfortably. Depending on the specific vehicle, you may be able to get up to 14 people in one limo, especially if you choose a stretch SUV.

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How big is a Hummer limo?

Hummer Limousines are the perfect vehicle for any occasion! These vehicles are over 40′ in length and can accommodate 18 to 20 passengers.

How many does a stretch limo seat?

In terms of limousines, you do have options. For a standard stretch limousine, you can expect to be able to hold up to 6 people per limo. Super Stretch limousines can hold up to 14 people, and then you have the SUV limousines.

What is the meaning of stretch limo?

: a very large and fancy car that is longer than standard cars and that is driven by a professional driver.

What is a stretch limo used for?

However, the stretch limos are the most realistic option for large gatherings. This type of vehicles can accommodate a large group of passengers who can travel in complete comfort. They are the primary choice for prom nights, sports game, wedding, concerts and other special events.

How much does it cost to rent a limousine?

Average Limousine Rental Prices

According to U.S. estimation calculators, the average prices for limos are: $95 to $150 per hour. $650 to $950 per night. $600 to $1,100 for weddings.

How wide is a limo?

A-Class Limousine Dimensions

Dimensions in mm in inches
Length 4549 179.09
Width 1796 70.71
Height 1446 56.93
Wheelbase 2729 107.44

What is inside a limo?

Now you know what to expect inside a limo: soft and comfortable seats, large flat-screen TVs, a DVD player, a stereo system, a mini-bar, a light show, and air conditioning.

How many people can Hummer sit?

What is the seating capacity for the Hummer limo? The Hummer Limousine has a maximum seating capacity of 16. With a large stretch section 16 guests can enjoy the luxury of modern great leather seating and a stylish interior that comes with all the latest mod cons.

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How many does a Hummer seat?

With the available third-row seat, the Hummer H2 can seat six, but the majority of reviewers found that they were most comfortable traveling with four adults.

How many can fit in a stretch Hummer?

Stretch Hummers: Our Stretch Hummer holds up to 14 passengers in the rear with space for a 15th person in the front with the driver, if required. Stretch Chrysler Limousine: Our Stretch Chrysler Limousine comfortably holds up to 10 passengers.

How many people can fit in a Hummer limo?

How Many Passengers can fit in a Hummer Limo? The Hummer Limousine can accommodate up to 16 people. The Hummer is one of the largest limos you can book, seating a staggering 16 passengers while still having enough for all of the opulent accoutrements you’d expect from a stretched limousine.

What is the average cost of a Hummer?

Hummer shock absorbers such as the Skykicker Black Max can go for over $250 and some brands can cost upwards of $800. A complete set of DEDC suspension shocks compatible with Chevy trucks like the Silverado costs around $199 and there are brands with sub-$50 price tags.

What are the advantages of hiring Hummer limo?

  • Very spacious
  • Hummer Limo can seat 15 to 24 guests depending on the length.
  • More safe than sedan stretch Limousines due to the body style and it’s height.
  • Most hummer Limousines can hold all bridal party for weddings
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