Do You Live Lima?

It is now difficult to identify what might be called a true Limeño, for in a very real sense Lima has become the most Peruvian of cities; everywhere one can hear different accents, reflecting the myriad origins of the provincianos who have made the city a microcosm of the country.

What is it like to live in Lima?

People tend to love it or hate it. Like most major cities, Lima’s seaside location is the reason for its growth and importance. Nearby Callao acts as the metropolitan area’s major port and one of Latin America’s largest.

Why choose all for living in Peru?

All provide some of the lowest costs of living in the world, with enough interesting sites to keep you exploring for a lifetime. With its inexpensive, laidback lifestyle and availability of familiar amenities, you can enjoy a great quality of life in Peru for much less than most locations in the U.S. or Canada.

What is the cost of living in Peru?

The cost of living in Peru can be 60% to 80% less than that of the U.S. for local goods and services, groceries, and rent. Anyone who visits Peru raves about the food!

How to stay busy in Lima as an expat?

Keeping busy in Lima is not difficult. The city has a vibrant theater scene, a good assortment of art galleries and museums and a close-knit expat population that feeds a large number of expat organizations and activities. The following table provides a sample monthly budget for a couple in Lima in the more popular districts.

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