Do Limos Have Seat Belts?

Stretch Limos and Seat Belts Federal regulations require most vehicles to be fitted with seat belts. That includes smaller vehicles, such as town cars, which you might hire from a limo company. One exception applies to “perimeter-seating buses”.
While front seat drivers and front seat passengers would be required by law to wear seatbelts, safety officials noted that backseat riders of limos are not required to wear seat belts. This isn’t the only serious deadly accident involving limos in recent years.

What is the seating capacity of a limousine?

Large limousines are defined as those with more than 8 passenger seats. The seating capacity is the number of passengers the vehicle is adapted to carry; Seating capacity can be defined by the number of seating positions – which could be defined by sculpting in the seat and/or seat belts. 2. VEHICLE STANDARDS

What is the difference between a small and large limousine?

Enforcement Where appropriate each of these is split into explaining the requirements for “small” and “large” limousines. These terms are used throughout this guide and refer to vehicles with 8 or less passenger seats (‘small’) and more than 8 passenger seats (‘large’).

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Is there a guide for stretched limousine owners?

Introduction This guide tries to answer basic questions to assist owners and operators of stretched limousines and, to a limited extent, ‘novelty vehicles’. It is only intended for general help; it is not a legal document.

What are the vehicle standards for a small limousine?

Vehicle Standards Small Limousines1 Small limousines, that is, those with fewer than 9 passenger seats, will in almost all cases not be type approved to British or European standards and thus will need to prove compliance through the Individual Vehicle Approval Scheme (IVA), formerly known as the Single Vehicle Approval scheme (SVA).

How many seats limo UK?

Typically a general limousine carries up to 8 passengers however depending on the occasion you may require more seats for more passengers, in this case you will require a Hummer limo hire (or equivalent size vehicle) this type of limousine can seat up to 16 passengers double that of your general limos.

Can I drive a limo for personal use UK?

Limousines must be run by a licensed operator unless they’re being hired out without a driver. For small limousines – seating up to 8 passengers – you’ll need a private hire vehicle ( PHV ) operator licence.

Do limos have seat belts UK?

All coaches and minibuses carrying a group of 3 or more children on organised trips must be equipped with seat belts.

Is a limousine a PCV?

Drivers of stretched limousines that carry more than eight passengers require a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) driving licence.

How many people can limousine sit?

Limousine sizes range enormously. The smaller ones may only be able to carry up to six passengers inside the limo while bigger limousines can have up to 18. It just depends on the size and brand of the limousine, for example, SUV’s will probably carry more passengers than other types of limousine brands.

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How many people does a funeral limousine seat?

How many seats they have is dependent on the style – a funeral limousine can usually accommodate 7-9 people. It is also possible to hire a full-size stretch limousine, the largest of which can carry 20 passengers.

Does a chauffeur need a licence?

In order to operate as a driver, you will need to obtain a PCO private hire driver’s licence. TFL are legally required to issue a licence to anyone who meets their criteria.

What defines a limo?

Definition of limousine

1 : a large luxurious often chauffeur-driven sedan that usually has a glass partition separating the driver’s seat from the passenger compartment. 2 : a large vehicle for transporting passengers to and from an airport.

How much is it to rent a limo UK?


Description White Supastretch Limo (8passengers) Megastretch Hummer Limo (16seats)
Prom Hire (1 Way) £235 £500
Prom Hire (return journey) £365 £685
Civil Weddings (drop off only) 1 Hour Hire £145 £260
Full Wedding Hire £265 £385

How many seats does a Hummer limo have?

The Hummer Limousine has a maximum seating capacity of 16. With a large stretch section 16 guests can enjoy the luxury of modern great leather seating and a stylish interior that comes with all the latest mod cons.

What is a limousine car?

A limousine (/ˈlɪməziːn/ or /lɪməˈziːn/), or limo (/ˈlɪmoʊ/) for short, is a large luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur with a partition between the driver’s compartment and the passenger’s compartment.

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