Do Lima Have A Metro?

Metro de Lima Finally, on July 11th of that same year, the first line of the system was officially inaugurated, with a 35 kilometer-long railroad and 26 operational stations. However, this is just the first phase of a more ambitious project that has the goal of connecting the entire capital with many lines. Line and stations
(January 2012) The Lima Metro (Spanish: Metro de Lima) is a rapid transit system operated by Argentinian company Ferrovías and Peruvian company Graña y Montero, currently linking the district of Villa El Salvador in the south of Lima with San Juan de Lurigancho in the northeast of the capital of Peru.

What is the Lima Metro like?

The Lima Metro is a newish subway system that is being developed. Line 1 already serves 33 stations through 11 districts. Line 2 is under construction, and is expected to open in 2024. Corredores Complementarios are part of an integrated transport system.

What is the city of Lima?

While no official administrative definition for the city exists, it is usually considered to be composed of the central 30 of 43 districts of Lima Province, corresponding to an urban area centered around the historic Cercado de Lima district. The city is the core of the Lima Metro Area, one of the ten largest metro areas in the Americas.

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