Do Animals Have Space In Lima Zoo?

Zoos: the Life of Animals in Captivity Animal Equality’s investigation team has carried out a nine-month undercover investigation into the most important zoos in Spain. Several activists have documented the life of enslaved animals in these zoos through photos, videos, and expert reports. September 7, 2011

How much space do animals have in zoos?

The amount of space available to animals in zoos is always limited by a range of factors that has little to do with animal biology. Most zoos exist on confined sites, their absolute boundaries are usually fixed.

Should zoos be allowed to stay open?

It could be argued that zoos foster an appreciation for animals and their rights, and that people will be more motivated to protect the animals. While that is a good reason to keep a zoo open, it also may lead to people protecting the animals by promoting the end of zoos.

Why do zoos keep animals in small spaces?

The small spaces prevent the animals from having any privacy, mental stimulation, and physical exercise. This causes a lot of stress among the animals. Among the animals that are held in zoos only 1,000 of the 6,000 species are actually endangered, so what is the point in putting all these other animals in small habitats?

Should animals be allowed to travel in space?

Animals that travel in space are cared for ethically and humanely, Lewis says. ‘The Institutional Animal Care and Use Community looks at the most humane alternatives for taking animals into space,’ she says. ‘Regulations for animal research are more intense than for using people in research because people can give consent.

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